Being focused on seeking after God with a genuine

heart to fulfil His purposes for our lives.


Giving our best in all that we do,

taking joy and excitement in going the extra mile.


Looking at the individual rather than the crowd, seeking to build

and grow each person's gifts, talents and relationship with Christ.


Being willing to give over and above with our time

and finance in order to see God's kingdom grow.


To create meaningful connections with those around us in a way

that benefits the current generation and leads them closer to God.


To be a church that's easy to engage with, no matter a person's

age, gender, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.


To show love without limits, challenging our own patterns and ideas in order

to more greatly show the love of Jesus Christ.

The King's Family Church is part of a UK nationwide network of churches called Assemblies of God (or AoG). This network seeks to bring churches together in their beliefs and in working together to further establish the future of the church in the UK and the wider world.


"The Assemblies of God is a Pentecostal denomination that has been serving the people of Great Britain since 1924. As a movement of churches we believe that Jesus is still working in His church through the power of His Spirit to change people's lives for the better. To this end we seek to build churches that demonstrate God's love to our communities in a practical and relevant way.

In recognition of the fact that we are only a small part of the Universal Church, the Assemblies of God seek to work with the many different expressions of the Church of Jesus Christ in the UK and across the world."